Professional spray painters rarely wear eye protection but should.

www.problocker.com_ninja_high_performance_spray_goggles_Photo_Shoot_938294829_copy_Ninja copyProfessional spray painters rarely wear eye protection, but should…

That’s because safety glasses and other gear protect their eyes from overspray, but the paint soon covers the glass and blocks their sight.  Repeatedly cleaning the glasses takes a lot of time and decreases the painters production.  

The spray goggles consist of a sleek plastic frame with an open viewing slit in the center of each lens. By sealing the air space around the eyes, the goggles create a pocket of dead air that acts as a barrier to block paint particles from entering. Paint lands on the rest of the goggles and elsewhere, but doesn’t block the slits, so painters can see even in the midst of overspray.

Where can I purchase the product? At the present time, the product was about to hit shelves in Sherwin-Williams stores around the island or you can also purchase direct at:  Price is $19.95 for a package of three. 

What are professional painters saying about this product?  Tony Kokata-Tabar a professional with Jade Painting Inc said, “Before I used the Ninja goggles I thought they would be a nuisance.  After using them twice, I would not spray anything interior or exterior without the Ninja goggles.”

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