PDCA Expo Bound Problocker & Ninja High Performance Spray Goggles



We are bound for the PDCA (Painting & Decorating) Expo! Problocker & NINJA spray goggles are excited to partake in the industry’s premier learning and networking conference, the expo is presented by the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA). 

At the Expo the Problocker team will be there showcasing the NINJA high performance spray goggles!

Tony Kokata-Tabar an experienced professional sprayman said, “Before I used the Ninja goggles I thought they would be a nuisance.  After using them twice, I would not spray anything interior or exterior without the Ninja goggles.” To read more testimonies about the NINJA click here.

Problocker is designers and developers of this exciting new eyewear that is simple, yet revolutionary in blocking overspray from the painter’s eyes!  The unprecedented benefit of the NINJA high performance spray goggles is just put it on and spray until you’re done, without the frustration of stopping to clean, peel, or manipulate the eyewear because of overspray!  If you’re headed to the PDCA Expo but want to see the NINJA spray goggles in action now, visit our website at www.problocker.com.    

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Problocker, Inc.

Problocker Slit Eyewear

Ninja High Performance Spray Goggles 


*Promoting “Continuous Clear Vision” without slowing down production.


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