5 Thanksgiving Suggestions to Help you ENJOY this Holiday vs DREAD IT

www.problocker.com_ninja_high_performance_spray_goggles_Photo_Shoot_938294829_copy_Ninja copyWith Thanksgiving only a few days away, I hope you’re not starting to panic and dread the holiday ahead.

Whether you are entertaining multiple guests, families, or you are having a small intimate gathering, I have to contend that Thanksgiving is to be enjoyed by everyone not just the consumers :-).  Since you feeling how you are, I hope to alleviate some of the tension by offering 5 Thanksgiving suggestions to help you ENJOY this holiday no matter what state of mind you’re in.

5. Start with the end in mind. 

Suggestion: Ask for help to achieve that dream and don’t try to live out others expectations. 

If you were to describe your dream post thanksgiving meal atmosphere what would it be?

Cook: Cooks
Consumers: Dishes

Recruiting help and establishing a game is more important than the college bowl champion when it comes to winning within the home.  Having a divide and conquer game plan will create a chill environment vs a masquerading ball room environment where one individual is wishing death to all.

Ask friends, family, and anyone attending for help in advance, so that, they know that you need help and how they add value to this Thanksgiving.  If you uncle Tom is good at cutting the Thanksgiving turkey, ask him if he can bring Ben along come by 45 minutes before others  to cut, plate and training someone else in the art.  Remember grandparents, teenagers, and kids of all age want to add value and be apart – so you shouldn’t have to do everything.  Plan ahead so that you don’t end up like a dead turkey this Thanksgiving holiday.

4. Make sure there is enough space in your home.

Suggestion: This is your Thanksgiving day don’t feed and care for the world without caring for yourself too. 

Be realistic and mindful vs dreamy and insane!  If you live in a smaller home, have a small gathering or head to the park, beach, or do a thanksgiving pot luck.  The options are endless don’t get stuck just because you’ve never done it before.

3. Cook in advance & get your FREEZE on.

Suggestion: One dessert a night is better than panicking and trying to pull and all nighter.  Ask others to pitch in and Get your Thanksgiving freeze on. 

Use the remaining days leading up to Thanksgiving to your advantage.  Many desserts and other dishes can be made in advance and kept in the freezer or in a friends freezer.

2. Have a day of game plan: Choose your menu, plan your table layout, and consider having a catered meal or safeway turkey.

Suggestion: Create a basic play by play game so that you score big and come out on top

Having a menu is the first step in setting having a win on Thanksgiving day.  Creating the most basic menu will leave you feeling relaxed when as the hours count down before the main event takes place.

This step can be challenging or easier said then done.  Whether you have your eyes set on a formal dining experience, casual dinner, or potluck dinner you need to prep now and not on Thanksgiving morning.

In our busy lives, often time spending the hour required to cook like grandma isn’t realistic and sets you up for thanksgiving failure.  If time and energy is scarce, consider having a local restaurant cater your meal or at least picking up a pre-cooked turkey from a grocery store you trust.  Believe it or not, once your bring your food home, and serve it in your environment, no one will be the wiser or know the difference as you fully enjoy the company at hand.

1. HAVE FUN!  

Suggestion: Use the, “can’t miss Football game to your advantage” and place your bets. 

Poster board with team names / logos
Divided into six sections: 
A) Four quarters & two covered up prize sections (*prizes are pre-listed / picked)
B) Winner Prize (Cash is king, NFL Jersey, case of beer/soda, pack of college football cards, first to receive dessert, etc…)  
C) Random or Bonus Prize (Excluded from dish help or executive dishwasher, beef jerky, pack of gum, etc.)  

While many have enough entertainment through football or family comedians have two guests that line up fantasy football teams or are the class clowns put something together for all your guests to enjoy.

Bottom line: The holidays only come around once a year, and Thanksgiving is a time to hang & cherish those around you – giving thanks for having those near.

Here’s to your, yours, and this years Thanksgiving celebration!


The Problocker, Inc, Team

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Written by Trevor L. Drinen – 5 Thanksgiving Suggestions to Help you ENJOY this Holiday vs DREAD IT


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