A Professional Painters Eyewear from Hawa-eye-i

www.problocker.com_ninja_high_performance_spray_goggles_Photo_Shoot_938294829_copy_13_03713 028 copySince we were spraying paint, we thought it was a great time to break out the Ninja Spray Goggles from our Hawaiian friends at Problocker, Inc.  Problocker has been advertising with us (The Paint Dealer) for the last few months, but this was the first opportunity we had to put its goggles to the test.  Designed to keep the overspray from getting into your eyes, you would be hard pressed to find a better product to accomplish these results.

Two of our three painters wore eye glasses while painting.  Since they do a lot of spraying on the job, I asked them what they do about paint that gets on their glasses.  They said they have to replace their glasses three to four times a year because the lenses get so scratched up from trying to clean them frequently.  That is a lot of money they are spending on new glasses, so the Ninja Spray Goggles were of great interest to them!

Rick, who was doing the spraying himself, was the guinea pig, and he was very pleased with the results at the end of his spray days.  A heck of a lot paint made its way onto his lenses, which means a lot less cleaning and scratching – but it also meant he was able to see clearly for a lot longer while painting and he did not have to power down to clear the paint from his eyes or glasses.  Saving time and money is what pro painters are trying to do on the job.

*Written by Chris Mugler – The Paint Dealer – October 2013 – Volume 22 No. 10

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