New Tech: Professional Spray Painting and Personal Protective Equipment

Problocker was established in Hawaii in July 2011 by Kendall Kikuyama.  The purpose of the company is to bring to market a proprietary new approach to overspray eyewear for use by painters, especially spray painters.  Spray painting is a process that produces paint mist from the jet of the spray gun.  Spray painting is universally used in industrial fabrication, such as automotive production; the furniture industry; and in painting ships, aircraft, building structures and machinery.  Spray painting is well used in the Imageresidential and commercial construction industry.  However, the drawback to spray painting is the out of control overspray paint mist from the spray gun.
Personal protective equipment should be worn while utilizing spray painting techniques.  The part of the body most frequently ignored or abused are the eyes.  The eyes are a sensitive and important external organ, yet workers daily ignore basic steps to protect themselves.  Personal protective eyewear, such as goggles, face shields, safety glasses, or full-face respirators are recommended when a hazard exists in painting.
However, the reason why spray painters do not use protective eyewear is because they are frustrating and require constant handling to work.  When protective eyewear is used, it’s generally quickly covered over with paint overspray that impairs visibility to a point which demands the user’s attention.  A search of one blog for painters that discusses these issues reveals comments such as “I don’t wear them (safety glasses) when spraying.  They’re a waste of time if you ask me and not that practical,” or “Back when we did a lot of commercial painting, while we were in the man lifts, we would pop the lenses out of glasses, so that no one could tell from the ground.”
Kendall Kikuyama is the President of Aloha Painting Company, Inc., of Honolulu, Hawaii.  Mr Kikuyama stated Aloha Painting in 1976 and is a long-time observer of the problems of providing eye protection while spray painting.  As the owner of a commercial painting company, he is sensitive to the industry issues of health and safety, as well as the concerns of his employees.  Mr. Kikuyama has spent the last several years developing his own proprietary design of overspray eyewear specifically for the professional spray painter.
Problocker, Inc.
Problocker Slit Eyewear
Ninja High Performance Spray Goggles
*Promoting “Continuous Clear Vision” without slowing down production.

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