In an industry where 80% of all spray painters use nothing at all to protect their eyes from the chemicals and toxins in paint overspray, ProBlocker.com works to solve the problem without the frustration of stopping to clean, peel, or manipulate the eyewear!  

Problocker’s NINJA™ spray goggles offers a solution for the painting contractor who wants an eyewear that lets his spray painter “spray 60 minutes an hour” without putting his spray-gun down to fiddle with the eyewear, as well as the spray painter who wants an eyewear that he can “just put it on and spray till the job is done.”

What are professional painters saying about the product?Image

“I have never used anything like the Ninja goggles before!  I like the lenses because you can spray for hours and still see without having to clean anything until your done.  The Ninja is also so lightweight, it didn’t create any uncomfortable pressure – I actually forgot I had them on.” –Ben Macam (Professional Painter: 27+years) 

Click here to read additional articles, testimonies, and to view the NINJA™ spray goggles 


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